T H E    R O L E
In attempt to promote local implementation of Operation Jewish Education/The 5% Mandate we are establishing regional offices nationally. The staff personnel will not do fund raising. It is important to clarify in every community that our initiative will not take money out of the community to staff another organization. The mission of each office will be clearly articulated as follows:

To assist each school to establish its own endowment fund which an independent board will supervise.

II. We are also asking each Jewish leader to explain the nature of the crisis and its solution to its own constituency and to obtain pledges.

A. Have community rabbis and leaders sign the Declaration of Leadership.

B. Start a public relations campaign which includes:

1. Establishment of parent calling committees;
2. Mailings to parents and the general community;
3. Erection of billboards in front of every school and every synagogue;
4. Ask every community rabbi to speak from the pulpit about The 5% Mandate

III. Publish quarterly lists of names of everyone that has signed Letters of Intent and fulfilled their communal responsibility. The publication of this list is an effective vehicle for creating communal accountability.