Recognizing that rampant Jewish illiteracy and assimilation represent a peril more insidious than any external enemy and will continue to decimate the Jewish community;

Recognizing that historic authority and present Jewish rabbinic, communal and religious leaders have mandated that each Jew is obligated and has a duty and responsibility to take protective measures to assure the survival of our people; Recognizing that intensive primary and secondary day school education rooted in Torah min Hashamayim has proven to be the most effective defense against assimilation and the resulting losses to the Jewish people; Recognizing that skyrocketing day school tuitions have discouraged enrollments and made it impossible for many young families to attend our day schools, at a time when a far greater percentage of our children and grandchildren is in need of a day school education;

Recognizing that the imperatives of v'shinantam l'vanecha (diligently teaching our children) and la ta'amod al dam re'echa (acting to save the imperiled) require that we secure the survival of the Jewish people by promoting day school enrollment and guarantying day school education for all who seek it, regardless of financial ability;

Recognizing that the extraordinary danger of our extinction imposes on every Jew a special duty above and beyond the general obligation of tzedaka (charity), to devote to day schools a portion of the bounty with which G-d has blessed us;

Recognizing that the "Operation Jewish Education/The 5% Mandate" and Jewish Day School Guaranty Trust Funds have been established to make day school education available to every Jewish child, regardless of financial ability.

I hereby declare:

    1) It is my sacred obligation and duty, and that of every Jew, to actively support intensive Jewish education, particularly primary and secondary day school education for our young; and

    2) It is my intent, in fulfillment of my responsibility, to participate in the "Operation Jewish Education/The 5% Mandate" by donating through my will upon my death and/or during my lifetime at least five percent of my net worth to one or more of the local or regional Jewish Education Guaranty Trust Funds established to assist day schools, or to one or more day schools or yeshivot.

This Declaration Of Intent is not legally binding until specific institutional beneficiaries are designated.


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